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About NewsLeads

About NewsLeads

NewsLeads is a premium news service, providing media outlets with quality stories about the various business and industry happenings in Australia and Asia. With stories ranging from Education and Technology to Tourism and Food and Wine, NewsLeads covers it all and at no cost to media outlets. Our stories are positive, engaging and focused on important updates in select industries and sectors. Using Creative Commons, our stories can be distributed locally and nationally, to reach a larger audience.

How it works

NewsLeads provides free to read and free to publish content under Creative Commons. Our journalists write content to raise awareness of industries and sectors from across Australia and Asia. This means that the content is free to use and should be republished on your site if the article is relevant to your brand of news.

NewsLeads does not sell products and only deals with clients that are looking for more awareness and engagement around their sector.

These stories are offered free of charge to all media, institutions and organisations interested in the specific industries. Typical story packages include but are not limited to words, images, video and links. We offer easy options to republish stories to your site.

All stories are linked back to the primary sources of the story and offer a Source List to aid journalists, editors and producers to fact check the stories or contact the sources for more information or different angles and news hooks.

Stories and news leads appearing on the website are open to anyone who wants to publish them or use them as a source. Media wanting exclusive use of stories can commission stories directly.

Who’s behind the news?

NewsLeads is a news service owned and operated by Solstice Media, an independent media company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

If you would like our team of professional journalists, photographers and producers to create specific content for your publication, please contact us at:


Jim Plouffe- Publishing Editor

+61 8 8224 1600