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Space Industry

Space start-ups get a voice at Australia’s newest space organisation

The SmartSat CRC has created a company to give the burgeoning startup ecosystem a voice alongside the space industry’s major players.


Why Australia needs to stand on its own in space

Brexit and the China/US trade war are prime examples of why Australia needs to develop its own sovereign space capabilities, says Australia’s SmartSat CRC CEO-designate Professor Andy Koronios.

Space Industry

Australian space experts focus on small sat technology

Australia’s rebooted space industry is positioning itself as a world leader in the development of smart satellites and associated technologies that will streamline communication, drive the Internet of Things, enhance Earth Observation and shape the defence forces of the future.


Australia’s leading space organisation prepares for take off

The head of the recently formed SmartSat CRC explains how recent global events reinforce the importance of Australia developing its own sovereign capability in space.