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Livable Adelaide attracts talent


Quality of life appealing to investors

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Good weather, short commutes, and a great sense of safety have all contributed to Adelaide being named fifth most liveable city in the world.

The South Australian capital has been ranked in the world’s top five cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the fifth consecutive year in a row.

The EIU report ranks 140 major cities across the globe in categories such as healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure.

This year, Adelaide scored 96.6 out of a potential 100, putting it less than one point away from the top cities in the world.

Vice Chancellor and President of Adelaide University Warren Bebbington of Adelaide University said that the city consistently ranked so highly due to the lifestyle available so close to the city centre.

“The beach is just 15 minutes away and then you’ve got a great café culture, zoological gardens and universities all within walk of the CBD

“One of the things with Adelaide is that it has that real character about it

“The quality of life here is certainly appealing to business people who move to Adelaide,” he said.

But Adelaide is appealing to investors not just because of its lifestyle, but also due to a shared desire between the Adelaide City Council and the State Government to position South Australia as an ideal investment location which is pro-active in attracting businesses to the CBD. Leveraging the liveability and lifestyle benefits of Adelaide is an important driver of talent attraction and retention. This is an important consideration for major investment decisions around relocation and/or expansion of businesses.

“Businesses who want to do research with the universities all talk about the welcome they’ve had from the government,” Mr Bebbington said.

“The universal reaction of businesses considering investment in Adelaide has been the ease of access to key decision makers in Council and State Government and to the data they need to make informed investment decisions”, Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese said.

In addition, changes to regulations in 2015 have lowered the cost of business in Adelaide and made it one of the most competitive cities for investment in the Asia-Pacific region.

KPMG’s latest biennial Competitive Alternatives Report found Adelaide to be the cost leader of six cities in the region, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tokyo and Osaka. It leap-frogged Melbourne to become the region’s top pick and climbed from 86 in 2014 to 23 of 111 cities worldwide in the 2016 report.

The EIU report also noted that in contrast to global business centres which can fall “victim to their own success” with overstretched infrastructure, Adelaide continued to do well as a mid-sized city.

This all contributes to Adelaide being an attractive place to do business, drawing in peak competition from around the globe.

The city has proven that it can attract and retain some of the best talent across a range of disciplines and, according to South Australian Trade and Investment Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith, this gives potential investors much needed security in any decision to set up in Adelaide.

“This assists business leaders to make educated decisions when considering locations for business operations and in the event employees are relocated,” Minister Hamilton-Smith.

In the last year, top talent has made the move to South Australia, including Babcock International, who established their Australasia headquarters in Adelaide.

Other companies who have taken advantage of investment opportunities in Adelaide include Buddy Platform, NEC, Oz Minerals and Orora, all of who have established presences in the past year.

But it is not just the current generation of minds who are attracted to Adelaide.

Investment Attraction South Australia said that the strong tertiary education on offer in Adelaide means that businesses will have an abundance of skilled and educated workers in years to come.

South Australia’s capital Adelaide has three leading public universities, Flinders University, University of South Australia, and the University of Adelaide, each of which are consistently rated highly in the international higher education rankings and producing highly qualified and sought after graduates.

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