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Australian Fashion Labels find sweet spot

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Well designed clothes for the right price is key to business success.

From Adelaide to Los Angeles, Australian Fashion Labels is revolutionising the fashion world through innovative business practices and a strong local focus.

Founded by fashion forward duo Dean and Melanie Flintoft in 2007, Australian Fashion Labels was launched in response to the global financial crisis.

“We saw a huge gap for clothing that was well-designed with a high-end aesthetic but at an affordable price point,” she said.

Today, Australian Fashion Labels continues to buck the trend of widespread economic and industry downturn with success based firmly on supporting local talent and leveraging their product to new markets.

At launch, Australian Fashion Labels had three labels to its name – Cameo, Finders Keepers and Keepsake. That has now grown to include, The Fifth, Keepsake Intimates and a rebrand for C/meo Collective, while also introducing TY-LR. The latter officially launched in August this year and has already grabbed the attention of international buyers and was recently snapped on American model Kendall Jenner.

Australian Fashion Label’s growth has also been underscored by the opening of the flagship store in Rundle Mall, BNKR – an extension of their online shop Fashion Bunker – in mid- 2014.

It is this arm of the business that is now leading the international charge with a BNKR pop-up store open in Los Angeles while the downtown, permanent premises is completed, due to open in late 2015.

Australian Fashion Labels also has a business base in China, another soon to be established in Hong Kong and more than 3500 stockists worldwide including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales

Yet the directors maintain the empire flourishes because of its Adelaide, South Australia base.

Australian Fashion Labels

“There is so much great talent here that we have been fortunate enough to tap into,” Melanie said of the capital city contained in a gridded square mile.

“We have also been able to bring some incredible people from interstate and overseas to Adelaide to live – and have attracted others who have moved from Adelaide back home to enjoy the lifestyle.”

One such talent is TY-LR head designer Chris Kontos who returned to Adelaide after years living interstate to create a signature label TY-LR under the umbrella of Australian Fashion Labels.

Alongside the professional nous of being part of the Australian Fashion Labels stable is the sense of belonging and support and it’s that attitude that keeps business bubbling.

“Australian Fashion Labels runs like a family and Adelaide is like a big family, so it’s an extremely nurturing place to run a business,” Melanie said.

Adelaide’s size is also key to Australian Fashion Labels’ success, allowing them to foster a wealth of contacts and create ample market share among all industry competitors.

“We are able to do what we do and be individual because we aren’t always checking over our shoulders to see what our competitors are doing. It’s a great advantage,” Melanie said.

This year Australian Fashion Labels received support via the South Australian State Government’s Unlocking Capital for Jobs program.

This allowed them to invest in new office headquarters on the presitgeous North Terrace of the city and create about 50 new jobs. The Unlocking Capital program provided $50 million of financial guarantees that allowed Australian Fashion Labels to secure up to $250 million of bank funding to continue expanding their business and fast- tracked their capability to push into global markets.

“This opportunity (allows) us to expand our workforce, resources and markets by creating labels within new demographics of advanced contemporary womenswear, menswear and footwear,” Dean said.


从阿德莱德到洛杉矶,“澳洲时尚品牌” (Australian Fashion Labels) 正在通过创新性的商 业理念和强烈的地域化聚焦而掀起一股时尚界的革新风潮。

年,时尚先锋 Dean 和 Melanie 二人创立了“澳洲时尚品牌”,从而应对全球性的 经济危机。

“我们洞察到,在设计精美、高档华丽的服装和价格实惠的服装之间有一个巨大的缺 口。”她说。

如今,“澳洲时尚品牌”仍坚持在普遍的经济和行业低迷中逆流而上。他们的成功源于 对本地人才的大力支持,并不断将他们的作品推向新市场。

在初创之时,“澳洲时尚品牌”旗下拥有三个品牌:Cameo、Finders Keepers 和 Keepsake。现今规模已扩大到包括 The Fifth、Keepsake Intimates,以及重塑形象的 C/meo Collective 品牌,同时推出了新品牌 TY-LR。TY-LR 品牌于今年 8 月正式发布,已 经吸引了全球买家的关注,连美国名模 Kendall Jenner 也在近日穿上了其作品。

Australian Fashion Label’s growth has also been underscored by the opening of the flagship store in Rundle Mall, BNKR – an extension of their online shop Fashion Bunker – in mid- 2014.
2014 年中期,“澳洲时尚品牌”的旗舰店 BNKR 在蓝道购物街 (Rundle Mall) 隆重开业, 将“澳洲时尚品牌”的网上时尚商店 Fashion Bunker 成功扩张到实体店经营。

公司将实体店作为跨入国际市场的主力军。位于美国洛杉矶的 BNKR 快闪时装店作为 其打头炮,而洛杉矶市中心的长期 BNKR 新店将会在 2015 年底正式登场。

“澳洲时尚品牌”在中国也有一家公司,并且即将在香港创立另一家公司。经销商超过 3500 家且遍布全球,包括 Harrods、Harvey Nichols、Nordstrom 和 Bloomingdales.


“在阿德莱德,我们非常幸运可以发掘如此之多的绝佳人才,”Melanie 说。

“我们也将本国和海外的一些人才吸引到阿德莱德工作和生活,并且将一些侨居他乡的 阿德莱德人才成功吸引回家。”

TY-LR 的首席设计师 Chris Kontos 便是其中之一。在其他州居住了多年之后,Chris 返回 阿德莱德,为“澳洲时尚品牌”创建了旗下一个签名品牌。

这些设计师们不仅具有作为“澳洲时尚品牌”系列成员的职业精神,同时还拥有着强烈 的归属感和互助感,这是使企业欣欣向荣的一股正能量。

“澳洲时尚品牌”的运营模式就像是一个家庭作坊,而阿德莱德就像是一个大家庭,这 里是一个滋养企业的绝佳地点。” Melanie 说。

阿德莱德的城市规模也是“澳洲时尚品牌”成功的关键因素,这里帮助他们建立起广博 的人际网络,在行业竞争者中脱颖而出,创造强大的市场占有率。

“我们能够做自己想做的东西,朝着个性化的道路发展。因为我们不会总是去窥探竞争 品牌在做什么。这是一个很大的优势。”Melanie 说。

今年“澳洲时尚品牌”获得了南澳州政府的“为工作注资”项目(Unlocking Capital for Jobs) 的支持。在该项目的扶持下,公司将投资位于 North Terrace 上的新总部办公室,届时 将为当地创造大约 50 个新的工作岗位。该注资项目将为“澳洲时尚品牌”提供 5000 万 澳元的财政担保,使其能够获得高达 2 亿 5000 万澳元的银行资金,用以继续扩张企 业,并加快品牌全球化的脚步。

“这个机会能够为新人群市场打造高级时尚女装、男装和鞋类品牌,从而让我们发展员 工队伍、资源和市场。”Dean 说。

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